Who is Sergio?

Sercan Aydin, best known as Sergio, is an Turkish Producer and DJ known making electronic music.

Sergio was born in Ankara,Turkey(1991 June).He moved to Marmaris with his family and started amateur musical carrier in Marmaris at 11 years of age.He started out as a Rapper (SRC) along 7 years.He made 5 unofficial (underground) rap albums,feats and more than 100 tracks during this time.In 2007, Sergio discovered Electronic Music through by his best friend Hakan Yavuz.As a teenager he saved money to buy his first studio equipments by DJing, and selling mixtape to kids in his neighbourhood.He later began to perform live performances at Marmaris in 2007.But he officially started to work as a DJ when he was 20 years old.

He is still working on his projects..


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